February Artificial Grass Discounts Available

Saturday, January 28, 2017

February Artificial Grass Discounts Available

The awesome rain we’ve had this winter has definitely halted some of your outdoor projects I'm sure! And how about that MUD? So if you are considering replacing your lawn with artificial turf, this is a great time to call us for a free estimate to see how a Tiger Turf Synthetic Lawn could make your life easier in so many ways.

Did I mention MUD? Artificial Grass puts an end to kids, pets and us tracking mud into the house. It also will help us conserve this precious water we have been given this year.

Our lawns are estimated to make up approximately 60% of a households water use. Lets not get back to our wasteful ways even though we are feeling a small reprieve from the drought right now. Artificial grass is another water saver by allowing the rain we do get to enter back into the aquifer and not run off into our storm drains taking with it all the fertilizer and weed killing chemicals we use on our lawns. And how about the $$$ you will save.

Go Turf Direct would like to offer you a 10% discount on our best selling turf in the month of February (on standard installs above 400 sq. ft, 400 sq. ft install =$340 discount)

Just call us for a free 30 minute estimate and see how we can help you Save Water, Money and Time 760-231-6054, 877-472-7763 or send a message through our contact page www.goturfdirect.com